Environmental Group

The Minster Environmental Group (MEG) monitors Minster activities with the aim of improving and reducing the church’s environmental impact.

The Minster currently holds the Eco-Congregation Award. This independently-assessed award is designed to affirm good practice in environmental stewardship and helps churches witness to the importance of caring for God’s creation. 

Since 2008 MEG has monitored gas and electricity usage in the Minster and Church House with a view to reducing our CO2 emissions.  In 2008 the PCC set a target of a 26% reduction in emissions by the end of 2012, and we are pleased to report that this was in fact achieved at the end of 2011. MEG continues to monitor and advise, however, reducing carbon emissions will be an on-going process.

The MEG group is currently looking at the possibility of introducing renewable energy generation to the Minster. Whereas nothing has been ruled in or out at this time we are looking closely at solar photovoltaic panels suitable for installation on the south facing roof elevation between the west and central towers.

Recent MEG Projects

Energy Saving Benchmarking
As a current holder of the Eco-congregation award MEG were invited to take part in the CofE’s “Benchmarking Project” first piloted and used by the Diocese of London. Benchmarking will eventually involve all 43 dioceses in the Church of England.

The Lenten Carbon Fast
Each year the Minster and MEG provide to the congregation an opportunity to take part in the 40 40 40 Carbon Fast Challenge. This programme represents a concerted effort to reduce our CO2 emissions in Lent and was being promoted by all the Dioceses across the South West, including Salisbury.

Green Time Line

A diary of events that have significance for our world in environmental terms.

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