Minster Greenbelt Group

The Group’s name comes from the annual Greenbelt Festival, where they say that arts, faith and social justice ‘collide’. We meet monthly at the Minster to learn more about the social justice aspects of this collision and to explore some of the implications for our personal lifestyle and belief and for our corporate responsibility. Although based at the Minster, we love to welcome people from other churches or none, and to benefit from a variety of viewpoints.

Recently we’ve considered a range of subjects including; the criminal justice system, mental health, feeding the world, and LGBT (lesbian, bisexual, gay and transsexual) people and the Christian church.

For more details of the Group, please contact the Parish Office.

For information on the Greenbelt Festival, visit www.greenbelt.org.uk.

“Greenbelt is something really remarkable and deeply creative in the life of the Church”. Rowan Williams.

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